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Life Bible Study is for everyone

Our largest group of people attending Life Bible Study or Sunday School is adults. Yet, unlike many churches who offer weekly Bible study only for children or teenagers, at North Park Baptist Church you can participate in Bible study every Sunday morning of the year no matter how old you are. We’re convinced that God’s Word has never been more relevant than it is to people today. That’s why we offer classes for every age group: the youngest to the oldest.


At North Park children start learning about God, His creation, and His love at age 2 when they join their first Bible study class (until then they’re given loving care in our Nursery). You may be amazed at how much these little ones can learn. Once they graduate from their first class, they can go on growing and learning for the rest of their lives at North Park.


Each Sunday morning you will find classes for:

  • Preschoolers
  • Children
  • Middle- and high-schoolers
  • Adults


The Bible is our subject

All of our lessons are focused on the Bible. We don’t study our denomination, church history, or church traditions. We start with the Bible and stay focused on it. We want to learn what the Bible teaches and how it applies to life today. So you’ll see many of our regular attenders bringing their Bibles with them. You’re welcome to do the same, or you can borrow one of ours.


You don’t have to have any previous background in Bible study to participate. You can come in as a beginner like many of the people who are already attending did. Over the course of time you’ll really get to feel at home discussing and reading the Scriptures.


All our material is age appropriate, so the subjects are perfect for each class. Our teaching methods are geared to the abilities of our various age groups. No matter what your age, you will come away having learned a little more of what the Bible teaches and how it can make a difference in your life.



What should I expect?

When you arrive for Life Bible Study for the first time, you’ll meet a friendly person in our foyer who will greet you and help direct you and your family to the proper places for Bible study. Since our classes are age graded this means your family will probably be spread out through a few different rooms in the building. However, our building is designed very simply so it will be easy to re-gather your family at the end of Bible study.


Once in class, you’ll meet your teacher and a few class members. If you haven’t brought a Bible (which is just fine) you’ll be able to borrow one for the lesson. Class usually starts with some informal time for making friends and fellowshipping, then the teacher leads the class into the subject for the day and the Scripture passage or passages to be studied. During the class you may offer to read a passage of Scripture if you’d like, but you never need to do so. You may also ask or answer questions and participate in the discussion or you can just listen. Class usually ends with a short time of prayer led by the teacher or a class member, then members often visit with each other for a few minutes before they head off to worship.


When is Life Bible Study?

We start at 9:00 a.m. every Sunday morning and finish up at 10:00. The coffee pot and some breakfast snacks are ready a few minutes before 9:00 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Come a little early and enjoy a cup of coffee, a snack, and some conversation before class.


Can I drop off my children?

We’d be glad to have just your children age 4 or older attend Life Bible Study if that is what you’d like. You must come in to properly register them on the first day. Be sure to let your children’s teachers know a phone number where you can be reached. You must pick up your child or children promptly at the end of Life Bible Study. Children under 4 must have a parent or guardian in the building during Life Bible Study.



Get to know the Bible year ’round

At North Park we don’t take the summer off from Bible study. Life Bible Study runs all year. No matter when you decide to start attending, you’ll find a class waiting for you.


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